News Day! July 2010

You guessed it, it’s the last Friday of the month and that means it is news day!

July Recap

  • I had way too much work to do so some really great people wrote guest articles for me
  1. Rope Trick – by Dead Orcs
  2. Magic Missile – by Obsidian Crane
  3. Healing – by DMSamuel
  4. Small Problem – by Alio the Fool
  • I added a simple wish list to the downloads section of the site. My plan is to try to come up with more helpful low tech downloads for DMs and Players.
  • I bought The Dresden Files RPG and an Orcus min or two. (One might become a giveaway) I can’t wait to write about the Dresden Files more but I’m waiting until I actually get to play with my group before I do.
  • At some point this month got it’s 10.000th visitor I guess that’s pretty cool
  • The DM’s Round Table Podcast recorded 3 new episodes this month and boy were they fun.
  • The 4 geeks 4e Podcast is off the ground with three episodes and counting. Stop by and listen to me get my drunk on.

What does the future hold?

I have been pretty busy working on so many projects I have not even stopped to think about what I have in the bag for the next few months. This should be fun to write.

  • Pax prime is only a month away! I’ll be there DMing a few games including a Gama World Preview.
  • On a related note I am signed up to run the DMs challenge at PAX prime; wish me luck.
  • I’m working out details with a few bloggers to contribute regularly to I’m not going to say who they are yet only because nothing has been set in stone.
  • I have a new T-shirt design ready to go, I’m looking for a new way to print and distribute so it might take a few weeks before it’s available to the public.
  • More painting! I plan on painting a few more minis and posting some progress pictures. I had a lot of fun with the last one and I can’t wait to try my had at a few more. Who knows, I might just get better at it.

That about wraps it up! Summer is a slow season for me. It’s a very busy season at work and I have to utilize the time to save money for school. If I don’t I won’t have money all year to buy the fun games and toys that drive this site.

That’s all for July, see you all next month!



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