Hangin with Mr. Orcus

I have no idea why but when I woke up the other morning I had the urge to spend a day with my newest roommate, Orcus. We always have a great time when we chill so I thought we should take a few pictures.

I always start my day with a healthy breakfast, Orcus prefers cereal. He loves Raisin Bran, he loves the two scoops but it’s never enough so he adds extra raisins. He also wants everyone to know they keep him “regular”

Tuesdays are “Chores day” everyone in the house has to draw a set of chores out of the hat and get them done before end of the day. Orcus drew Dishes and Laundry this week I had to clean the bathroom.

He always gets s o pissy when some one leaves pots and pans in the sink with out rinsing them out.

Dude is an animal when it comes to scrubbing.

He is also a bit anal about how the dishes are arranged in the dishwasher. He always has to inspect them before he runs it.

The great thing about having the prince of undeath in house is that I know I can trust him with my delicates. If he is careful enough to steal human souls with out the Raven Queen knowing about it you know he can handle his silks.

Nothing but laundry.

Yup, just doing laundry with Orcus, not every day is a party you know.

Now that the laundry is done we can have some real fun, and by fun I mean fixing my computer. It died a few weeks back and Orcus decided that he would help me “Undeath” it.

He’s getting into it.

It was at about this point that Orcus admitted that he can’t undeath anything that doesn’t have a soul.

Tuesdays we have our mid day D&D game so we had to jump in the Sabb and get to Guardian Games.

Orcus rules the dice, and the character sheet, and the minis. Honestly I’m just his ride, but I get to watch as long as I keep quiet.

After the game we head home and Orcus does what he does best.

Watching you on Twitter!!!!!


One Response to “Hangin with Mr. Orcus”
  1. Wally says:

    Very enjoyable post.

    I would of thought Orcus would of been a breakfast burrito guy with lots of hot sauce, who knew!!

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