Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #15

Question #1: Do you have any tips to help players get familiar with game rules. WyattSalazar: Play a single encounter using a pregen against a few random weak critters with your GM. Learn through experience. adamdray: Download the D&D 4E Quick Start rules and read them. Sums up the basics quickly. SlyFlourish: Take it slow. Start at … Continue reading

How to Build an Villain Using “How to Be a Villain.” pt. 1

For the last 6 years or so I have had the book “How to Be a Villain” on my shelf; mostly as a funny display and conversation starter. For the most part it works, when some one sees it next to my “The Zombie Survival Guide” they will often say something funny about my taste … Continue reading

Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #14

One of the best things about asking these questions on twitter is asking them again a few days later. I ask every question for the week on Monday mornings in rapid succession so people who missed them through out the week can have a chance to answer them. Often people who have already answered my … Continue reading

Giving up some power

This week I received an email from one of my players and I have decided to share a line from that email with all of you. The majority of the email was him explaining that he had accidentally played his character with an item which he had planned on purchasing but had not actually done … Continue reading

Ritualistically Speaking: Control Weather

There are things that make a wizard a wizard. No practitioner of magic can truly call them selves a wizard until they have a mastery over nature it’s self. It’s classic wizarding 101, bend the forces of nature to your will to show all that a big gray beard demands some respect. Control over the … Continue reading

Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #13

And we are back in for another DT140. I took a short summer break due to my working 14 days with no day off. So I took a bit of an internet break and now I feel much better!  So lets get right into the questions. Question #1:  what tasks i.e. Init tracking, do you … Continue reading

A “Small” Problem

This should be the last guest post for a while.  I’m finally getting all caught up with work and my home life. Lou M. aka Alio the Fool a friend from twitter and a contributing author over at RPGmusings.com was kind enough to offer his thoughts on using minis to help create encounters, enjoy! T. … Continue reading

Basic Training DMing 101: #2 the wish list

I have decided to lighten up as a DM and give out a few more magic items to my players. I enjoy the role magic weapons and armor play in 4th edition. They provide character options and power ups with out leveling. They are a great way for players to add to their characters in … Continue reading

Ritualistically Speaking: Banish Illusion

Enemies who are invisible or who use illusions to mask their identities can be painful adversaries when you are a player. Using illusions and trickery can be fun when you are a DM. Banish Illusion can make a wizard feel less the fool and more the master of the arcane when they are able to … Continue reading

Healing, It’s Not Just For Clerics Anymore

While my work schedule is beginning to clear I still find my self buried under loads of projects and responsibility which I really must get under control. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to my good friend DM Samuel I can take a deep breath and focus a … Continue reading