News Day! July 2010

You guessed it, it’s the last Friday of the month and that means it is news day! July Recap I had way too much work to do so some really great people wrote guest articles for me Rope Trick – by Dead Orcs Magic Missile – by Obsidian Crane Healing – by DMSamuel Small Problem … Continue reading

What do Harry Dresden and Orcus Prince of Undeath have in common?

I own them both! That’s right after spending way to much money this month I now own both the Orcus Prince of Undeath gargantuan figure and the Dresden Files RPG. I have to say I’m happy with both. Being so new to the RPG scene I really have little experience with other games so the … Continue reading

News Day! June 2010

It’s the last Friday of the month and that means NEWS DAY! This month was kind of slow, but still exciting non the less. I’ll try to make the news this month short and sweet. The fellowship of the tweets has agreed to run twice a month. I plan on trying to get everyone together … Continue reading

My very first interview.

After hearing, or reading that is, about his monster project “Lava and a cup of java” for weeks I finally got to talk to Ben from Ben’s RPG Pile last week about his dungeon delve. I’m not all that great at this whole interview thing but Ben was such an enthusiastic and energetic guy he … Continue reading

News Day!

From now on every last Friday of the month will be my news day. I’m going to use news day as a way to keep everyone up to speed on what’s going on with me and the site. I’ll point out some of the major changes and additions to the site. This way if you … Continue reading

t-shirt news!

I feel like a freaken business man! I’m finding models and photographers, dealing with inventory and ordering, now all I need is customers! This week I launched the store with very little fan fare. At the moment if you go to the store front all you will see is mock ups of the shirts … Continue reading