Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #15

Question #1: Do you have any tips to help players get familiar with game rules. WyattSalazar: Play a single encounter using a pregen against a few random weak critters with your GM. Learn through experience. adamdray: Download the D&D 4E Quick Start rules and read them. Sums up the basics quickly. SlyFlourish: Take it slow. Start at … Continue reading

Ritualistically Speaking: Control Weather

There are things that make a wizard a wizard. No practitioner of magic can truly call them selves a wizard until they have a mastery over nature it’s self. It’s classic wizarding 101, bend the forces of nature to your will to show all that a big gray beard demands some respect. Control over the … Continue reading

Ritualistically Speaking: Banish Illusion

Enemies who are invisible or who use illusions to mask their identities can be painful adversaries when you are a player. Using illusions and trickery can be fun when you are a DM. Banish Illusion can make a wizard feel less the fool and more the master of the arcane when they are able to … Continue reading

Healing, It’s Not Just For Clerics Anymore

While my work schedule is beginning to clear I still find my self buried under loads of projects and responsibility which I really must get under control. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to my good friend DM Samuel I can take a deep breath and focus a … Continue reading

Ritualistically Speaking: Rope Trick

I have to admit, things have slowed down on the site for a little while now, and it’s my fault. I have been getting my ass handed to me at work since the beginning of last week. Half of my co-workers have been on summer vacation and I and the remaining staff have been covering … Continue reading

Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #12

I know it’s Tuesday but it is a holiday week and that actually means fewer days off for me. I always end up being the guy who holds down the fort while everyone is on vacation so this holiday weekend put off my schedule by a day. With out any further interruptions here is this … Continue reading

Ritualistically Speaking: Conceal Object

Even the most unskilled stage magician can make simple object disappear from under a cloth or into a hat, but a real wizard can make something completely invisible while you are standing right in front of it. The Conceal Object ritual is a classic example of true wizardry at work. It’s not true invisibility, it’s … Continue reading

Dungeon Master Tips in 140 Characters or so #11

That’s right it’s time for another round of dungeon master tips and answers given by all the great people in the D&D twitter community. Question #1: Give me one good tip for first time Dungeon Masters, what do you wish some one had told you? Level30yinzer: gm tip i wish I’d known: it takes 10,000 … Continue reading

Ritualistically Speaking: Ghost Walk

Stealth has been an issue in so many groups. It often flies in the face of the 4e motto “Don’t split the party”. Most plate mail clad paladins and your average barbarian are not all that stealthy even when they try their hardest. This means most rogues, assassin and avengers have to leave the party … Continue reading

ritualistically speaking: Inquisitive’s Eyes

The more I write these articles on rituals the more I want to run a campaign based heavily on mystery and cloak and dagger affairs. I really enjoy combat in 4th edition D&D but I also enjoy watching players try to figure out why they are chasing a villain, or searching for clues as to … Continue reading