Ritualistically Speaking

This is a weekly article about the various uses for specific rituals. Each week I choose 1 ritual and expound on this history application and story hooks it may hold. I will be going through each level and selecting 1 ritual until I reach level 30, then I’ll start over again.

Many of these carry some premise of my home brew rules and suggestions for rituals reading them first might help you implement of my ritualistically speaking ideas.

1. Tenser’s Floating Disk 04-28-10

2. Seek Rumors 05-05-10

3. Affect Normal Fire 05-12-10

4. Hand of Fate: 05-17-10

5. Object Reading 05-26-10

6. Clear the Path 06-02-10

7. Spirit Idol 06-09-10

8. Inquisitive’s Eyes 06-17-10

9. Ghost Walk 06-23-10

10. Banish illusion 07-21-10

11. Rope Trick 07-14-10

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