Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #14

One of the best things about asking these questions on twitter is asking them again a few days later. I ask every question for the week on Monday mornings in rapid succession so people who missed them through out the week can have a chance to answer them. Often people who have already answered my … Continue reading

A “Small” Problem

This should be the last guest post for a while.  I’m finally getting all caught up with work and my home life. Lou M. aka Alio the Fool a friend from twitter and a contributing author over at RPGmusings.com was kind enough to offer his thoughts on using minis to help create encounters, enjoy! T. … Continue reading

ritualistically speaking: object read by Paul Unwin

This week I am taking a break from writing the ritualistically speaking article. Paul Unwin aka pdunwin has been really excited about Object Reading and wanting to share his thoughts and ideas. So I’m taking a back seat this time and letting Paul take a shot at it. -T “Ah, Object Reading. Bane and boon … Continue reading

Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do!

Someone I play with in one of my weekly games brought up a great question which I thought I would answer on the site. He wanted to know how to play out a curse which would make his players go a bit crazy. Now I don’t think he wants them straight jacket slobbering crazy, but … Continue reading